Mission Statement

At Spanish Primary School our students are at the forefront of our curriculum. We are committed to ensuring the well-being and holistic development of all. Furthermore, SPIS aims to provide the highest calibre of trilingual education, as well as, nurture sportsmanship, community spirit, and morality, all of which cultivate students’ independent thinking, visions, values, and life purpose.


Spanish Primary School (SPIS) is dedicated to providing world-class trilingual education through an inspiring and culturally diversified learning environment that unleashes and optimises the potential of our youths.


  • Advocate academic excellence in a trilingual English – Spanish – Chinese environment.
  • Foster creativity and sportsmanship.
  • Cultivate morality and positive values
  • Unleash individual leadership potential
  • Respect individual differences and embrace cultural diversity.
  • Encourage the pursuit of dreams and aspirations.


The school is rooted in traditional positive va-lues.

The Red blossom flower symbolises the journey at SPIS, where students are taught to be courageous and passionate in all that they do. Inspired by dynamic cultures and values in a fusion of East and West, the education experience at SPIS enhances their holistic growth and empowers them to excel in all their pursuits.

The five petals represent five values that we cherish and uphold at SPIS.







The convergence of all five values unites us as one big family.