At SPIS, we emphasise the importance of enjoyable learning. Though textbooks form the cornerstone of our reference sources, we keep our curriculum fun, stimulating and inspiring by

incorporating experiential learning. Regular field trips will take place aiming to expose students to the sights and sounds of learning beyond the classroom.

Expect exchange programmes annually with our affiliated international school overseas so that students can see the world for themselves and acquire an international perspective.

Nature education is also a prominent element of our school. SPIS is an eco-school where we emphasise the importance of environmental consciousness. The school is fortunate to be surrounded by a green belt. Through learning about nature, students will learn to respect it and appreciate the responsibility of preserving it. SPIS has an outdoor auditorium, which affords students the opportunity to learn amidst the fresh open air.

Within our curriculum, we also introduce Personal, Social and Leadership (PSL) Education. This unique subject revolves around positive values and the fostering of community spirit. We inspire students to pursue their dreams and unleash their leadership potential by honing their analytical, public speaking, and task management skills.

Balance is the key to enjoyable and sustainable learning. To maintain this healthy trinity of academics, sports and arts, SPIS encourages student participation in extracurricular activities such as football, basketball, gymnastics, creative art, music and drama. Much more than discovery of innate talent and building team spirit, these activities are fundamental to relieving stress and nourishing sound minds and healthy bodies.

Our teaching methodology has one important purpose – to let children understand that learning can take place anywhere and anytime. It is a lifelong process that should be relished, whether in a group or in solitude.

We hope to instil good learning habits that are at the core of SPIS tradition, which will be passed on for generations to come.